Torremolinos Fantastico

Torremolinos International Fantastic Film Festival

The event that the whole world is eagerly waiting for is here. It is an absolute treat for everyone to have the biggest stars in the world under one roof. The Event has performances from the best artists and also the actors and other technicians recognized for their work.

Good Actors


Film Hierarchy


Fantasitc Cinema Festival Of Torremolinos

The world’s largest film festival is here to entertain you with a wide range of international films and music from many genres. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


It’s better to read than to watch! Get the early draft of a film’s script in written form with the best screenplay collection.


Listen to a variety of music, from classical to current, to get into the swing.


Inspire yourself or simply enjoy the beauty of the best photos displayed with the most pleasing shots and aesthetics

Action Thriller Film

Experience one-of-a-kind and well-known action thriller films that will leave you with chills all over your body.

Musical Scripts

Explore the exclusive musical scripts with the top musicals collections with well-known artists.

Support & Volunteer

With the option of volunteering at our event, you can contribute to the success of the festival.

Our Programs

Feature Film

We offer you a variety of feature films to keep you engaged for a long time where you get to spend some extra time with us.

Documentary Film

With the best documentary films we have for you, you may experience and feel the realities of the character, setting, and emotions.

Episodic Storytelling

Experience a film through the technique of narrating a story as a journey through episodes that focus on diverse themes rather than just one.

Awards & Prizes

In Torremolinos Fantastico, we reward films in different categories under best short films and feature films with beautiful trophies and prize money.




Best Works

 Consistent Practice Schedule

Do you want to join us and show off your talents? Connect with us as we hold regular practice sessions to help you connect with multiple artists and improve your skills.


“Being a part of the Cinema Festival of Torremolinos introduced me to a wide range of entertainment genres.”

Patricia Castro

“The festival was packed with unique works by brilliant individuals that provide satisfaction while watching them.”

Gene Thorpe

“As a young writer myself, attending the festival was a terrific learning experience because I learned about several screenplays and was inspired by many musical scripts.”

Elizabeth Lopes

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