Saturday 1

12:30 h. – EVIL NIGHT (Homage to Julián Lara) (Sala Ronda) – original version  (Spanish)

This story begins when four young people intend to spend a night in the local cemetery; what
they are prepared to do they have already achieved in other occasions, but this time it does not seem that they will
be so successful. z As their plans are frustrated this time due to the guard of the
cemetery that catches them in flagrante, they decide to go to another secluded place where
something really creepy will happen. When they are on their way to that other place, Darío and David begin to tell
a terrible story that ended in a massacre, but the girls seem a bit incredulous …

2002 | 37 minutes | Spain
Director: Julián Lara
Performers: Carlos Asensio, Zaida Cáceres, Jesús Gallardo, Julián Lara, Beatriz Mateo, María Miñagorri,
Carlos Ortega

12:30 h. – DEADHUNTERS: SEVILLIAN ZOMBIES (Tribute to Julián Lara)(Sala  Ronda) – original version (Spanish)

City of Seville. Because they have decided to follow the works of the Metro, which were abandoned
at the end of the seventies, after more than 20 years with closed tunnels, a race
of beings eager for fresh meat, awkward in their movements , have come to the surface. but lethal in the short distances, whose
bites make you in a few minutes in one of them. To put an end to this plague, a
special elite body has been created to exterminate these beings: the Deadhunters or hunters of the dead
and willing to come to their aid.

2003 | 75 minutes | Spain
Director: Julián Lara
Performers: Beatriz Mateo, María Miñagorri, Julián Lara, Dan Liaño, José Manuel Gómez, Jesús Gallardo, David Ruz, José Pedro Gil, Carlos Asensio, Leonardo Dantés

5:00 p.m. – FARADAY (Session tweeted) (Sala Ronda) – original version (Spanish)

Use the hashtag #SesionTwiteada @FanTorremolinos to comment on the movie live and on
Twitter. The room is equipped with wifi area. The top 5 tweets will have free tickets for other
Faraday is a supposed frustrated telepath who is beginning to lose his faith in the paranormal.
His girlfriend, Diana, is an activist blogger of cupcakes and new age whose highest aspiration is to
be superfamous on the internet. A friend passes them the contact of a cheap apartment so they can become
independent, but once there they discover that he is enchanted by a couple of ghosts with
serious mental problems … Cool and disdainful, Faraday is a paranormal comedy that
will touch the fiber to all those who have ever wished to be “modern”.

2013 | 81 minutes | Spain
Director: Norberto Ramos del Val
Performers: Javier Bódalo, Diana Gómez, Daniela Costa, Alba García, Sonia Almarcha, Arancha del
Sol, Ion Arretxe, Inma del Moral, Alejandro Tous, Nacho Vigalondo

5:30 p.m. – THE JOURNEY OF CHIHIRO (Children’s sessions)  (Sala Nerja) – doubled version

Chihiro is a ten-year-old girl who travels by car with her parents. After crossing a tunnel, they
arrive at a fantastic world, in which there is no place for human beings, only for the
first and second class gods . When she discovers that her parents have been turned into pigs, Chihiro
feels very lonely and scared. The masterpiece of Miyazaki, winner of the Oscar and the gold bear of Berlin.
Top of the art of contemporary cartoons that seemed reserved to the golden age of
Disney. Do you know any boy or girl of 9 years and older? for this will be the movie of their lives.

2001 | 124 minutes | Japan
Director: Hayao Miyazaki

6:30 p.m. – THE MAN OF THE DARK (Official Section) (Sala Ronda) – original version  (Spanish)

A young psychologist begins to treat the case of a small girl who died in strange circumstances.
The mother of the victim claims that a supernatural entity took her while she was asleep. The
psychologist is convinced that everything is the product of the post-traumatic shock … until
the psychologist’s own son begins to see strange shadows in his room and who assault him while he sleeps.
Fantasy or reality? Everything seems to indicate that there is a demon that feeds on
children’s souls for centuries and whose cases have been erased mysteriously from the collective memory.
A brave movie with which you will go back to sleep with the light on.

2014 | 92 minutes | Spain
Director: Toni Villazan
Performers: Enzo Villazan, Yolanda del Moral, Carlos Noriega, Victor Beltrán, Judith Gómez, Gloria
Estellez, Lola Colorado, Pascal Boudou, Rosalia Gallego

8:30 p.m. – NECROFOBIA (Official Section)  (Sala Ronda) – original version (Spanish)

Dante is a tailor whose phobia prevents him from being in contact with death. Every time he finds himself in
front of a dead body, he experiences a creepy sensation that makes him lose his head.
His illness is aggravated when his twin brother dies, and he sees “his own face” in a coffin.
From this traumatic event the walls of his reality are broken, several people close to
him are murdered and someone wants to incriminate him. Dante seeks to solve the enigma of the crimes,
but is caught in a constant struggle between the real and the non-real. One of the most
anticipated horror films of the year arrives in scoop to Torremolinos. Necrofobia is a masterpiece of the new
psychological terror. A mix between David Lynch, Tim Burton and James Wan. The definitive thriller.
Can you hold on?

2014 | 87 minutes | Argentina
Director: Daniel De la Vega
Performers: Luis Machín, Julieta Cardinali, Viviana Saccone, Raúl Taibo, Gerardo Romano

22:30 h. – ASMODEXIA (Official Section) (Sala Ronda) – original version (Spanish)

In the surroundings of a Barcelona besieged by the diabolic, we will accompany Pastor Eloy de Palma
and his granddaughter Alba for four days. Its mission is to help those possessed by evil, whose souls have
been infected. In each new confrontation with the evil one we will discover clues about the
mysterious past of the protagonists; an enigma that could change the world. Considered by the
American critics as the most anticipated horror film of 2015. With hard images, the
purpose of Asmodexia was to reinvent the exorcisms genre: it has succeeded. Directed by Marc
Carreté (in competition at Torremolinos 2013 for his already unsettling short film “Castidermia”)

2014 | 81 minutes | Spain
Director: Marc Carreté
Performers: Lluís Marco, Clàudia Pons, Marta Belmonte, Pepo Blasco, Sílvia Sabaté, Irene Montalà.

00:30 h. – THE REDWOOD MASSACRE (midnight sessions)  (Sala Ronda) – original version  with subtitles in Spanish

The Redwood massacre is considered one of the darkest royal chapters
in Scotland’s recent history. Unresolved, rivers of ink have been written about this case. To this day,
visiting the forest where the murders were committed is a tourist destination more than many curious people (
like the famous Loch Ness). A group of friends visit the place where the legendary
massacre took place. The idea sounds exciting, but it can also be very dangerous. Premiere in Spain.
“The redwood massacre” aims to become the “Friday the 13th” of the 21st century … we would not know
if Jason Vorhees is better or worse than this guy in the sack.

2014 | 82 minutes | UK
Director: David Ryan Keith
Performers: Mark Wood, Lisa Cameron, Lisa Livingstone

00:30 h. – PINK ZONE (midnight sessions) (Sala Ronda) – original version with  subtitles in Spanish

In a not too distant future where the male sex is destined to extinction by a strange
virus, a girl must try by all means not to become infected with it when a
group of young delinquents sneak into an institute willing to infect through sex to
every girl who caught. Chic madness, extreme delirium of techno pop science fiction, radical,
priceless and unrepeatable. All a trip to the tatty psychedelia impregnated with Hello Kittys,
silly cheerleaders and that B series so horny that we like it so much. Seeing her at home is a shock. Seeing her
at a festival is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Beware, are you willing to enter the ”
Pink Zone “?

2014 | 92 minutes | USA
Director: Benjamin J. Walter
Performers: Jayna Sweet, Matt Cooper, Julian Brand, Stell Bahrami, David Jurbala Jr., Tiago
Felizardo, Meaghann Cobb, Violet Paley, Tara Leahy, Courtney Welbon